Advancing clinics and care.

We provide opportunities for O&P clinicians and people living with physical difference or disability to advance and experience a better life.

A practice pursuing perfect.

Providing state-of-the-art clinical care

Integrating client care and team communication with current and future technologies.

Curating products to advance the care

Connecting new products to traditional and new O&P use cases.

Creating opportunities for clinicians

Enabling clinicians to establish ownership and career advancement.


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Why New Vision?

Different than: By questioning the status quo, we elevate rehabilitation products and services for people needing prostheses and orthoses and create opportunities for O&P clinicians themselves through our focus on:

We are a patient-centered clinical care facility.

New Vision is designed to improve the experiences and opportunities for people living with physical difference or disability. NVOP facilities are
innovative in product and  integrated in practice, so client improvement is effective, organized, and accelerated.